Ravin Fit is the most fun, exhilarating work out there is!

The class launched in early 2018 and gradually developed into what it is today. We are known all over the north West with Lee Butler bringing you ‘A workout that feels like a night out’

Feel the atmosphere of a big club night with DJs live on the decks spinning all those huge club classics with a huge sound system, lighting n effects

 BUT... Ravin’ Fit is so much more than a recreational fitness class

Our workouts are carefully created and structured to ensure that every muscle group is targeted, within the one hour workout. No muscle fibre goes untouched!

We incorporate multiple training principles when choreographing our routines, including interval training and body weighted exercises, focusing on strength and conditioning. The track list you experience at every Ravin Fit’ event is purposefully created to ensure that each participant is able to achieve this.

Our routines, along with the selected tracks are developed to include short bursts of ‘gut bursting’ cardio, followed by periods of active recovery. This gives us a HIIT based element to the workout which encourages participants to raise their heart rate and reach the fat burning zone.

Did you know that HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) based workouts can continue to burn fat for up to 24hrs after your actual workout? All of our instructors are highly experienced, qualified fitness instructors and personal trainers. They work hard to develop our workouts for you. Every potential participant is in our mind when we develop out workout and all levels of fitness are catered for, from beginners to hard-core fitness fanatics. Whilst participants are encouraged to push limits and go beyond comfort zones, you are also supported by our instructors with plenty of variations and modified exercise options, allowing you to succeed and enjoy your workout like never before

 Ravin' Fit is for everyone

The sessions are fully inclusive and provide a welcoming environment for all participants. Our venues are carefully selected to ensure that our highly skilled tech crew are able to install our exceptional sound and lighting systems to provide you with that all-important, unique ‘club night’ atmosphere.

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