What is it?
Ravin' Fit is the most fun, exhilarating work out there is. The classes launched in early 2018 and gradually developed into what it is today. We are well-known all over the north West, with Lee Butler bringing you ‘a workout that feels like a night out’!
 Why Ravin' Fit?
Feel the atmosphere of a big club night with DJs live on the decks spinning all your favourite club classics with lighting, effects and a huge sound system.

 Online Classes Available Now!

We've filmed some of our routines so you can all stay Ravin' Fit at home!

 Upcoming Classes

Ravin' Fit will be back soon

All our classes are currently postboned until further notice. Check out the online videos to get your Ravin Fit fix at home right now!

 Latest news on classes and deals?

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